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Compton, CA


The city of Compton is one of the oldest cities in the county. It is known as the "Hub City" due to its geographic centrality in LA County. Neighborhoods in Compton include Sunny Cove, Leland, Downtown Compton, and Richland Farms. The city is generally a working class city (some middle-class neighborhoods) and is home to a relatively young community, at an average 25 years of age, compared to the American median age of 35.

Although Compton was formerly thought of as a primarily black community, this has greatly changed over the years and now Latinos are the largest ethnic group in the city. A possible reason for this misconception is that many African American professional athletes and rappers are originally from Compton. Although an inner suburb of Los Angeles, Compton has seen an increase of middle-class residents in the last few years, due to its affordable housing despite the portrayals of Compton in the media; which are typically exaggerated.


Gardena, CA


Gardena has the distinction of being located in the center of transportation access. It is 20 minutes away from the Los Angeles Airport and boasts easy access to every major LA County Fwy - the 405, 105, 710, the 110 and the Artesia or 91 Freeway. This freedom allows fast and easy access to the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Pedro. The Gardena Municipal Bus Line links with regional bus transportation as well as with Metrolink and Amtrak passenger rail. Gardena will have one of the most envied locations in the west as a key point on the “Golden Triangle” with the completion of the Alameda Corridor project.
Gardena Housing
Gardena’s attractive, family-oriented neighborhoods provide a wide variety of housing options for all residents. 20,000 residential units are available in the City. The apartments/multi-family housing has very livable densities. About 10% of the housing in the City was built in the last 25 years. The majority of the residential neighborhoods are mature with lush landscaping and well maintained buildings and large family-sized yards.
Community Pride
Gardena has earned the prestigious designation of “All-America City,” and its ethnic diversity is a quality of which everyone is proud. Community commitment can be seen throughout the city as businesses join with volunteer groups in supporting civic projects and programs.


Cudahy, CA


Cudahy is the second smallest city in Los Angeles County, after Hawaiian Gardens, but with one of the highest population densities of any incorporated city in the United States. It is part of the Gateway Cities region. Cudahy is populated predominantly by Latino immigrants and has a population of 23,805 as of the 2010 U.S. Census.


Lynwood, CA


Lynwood's mission statement is "To create and maintain a clean, safe, attractive, well-informed, self-reliant and pride filled community that provides access to outstanding social, cultural, recreational, educational and economic opportunities for residents and businesses."

A - Alondra Park Apartments in Compton

2 bedroom apartments for rent in compton, ca


Alondra Park Apartments enjoy easy access to the 91 Artesia and 110 Harbor Freeways. Convenient shopping is found across the street at CVS. It is also across from beautiful Tragiview City Park. The park has wide open green spaces, lush shade trees and a large children’s playground.


2 Bedrooms Apartments. Starting at $1,000 per month.

A - El Segundo Apartments in Gardena near the 110 Fwy

single, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Gardena, CA


The El Segundo Apartment community is located conveniently close to the Harbor and 105 Freeways and within walking distance to Helen Keller Park and the larger Athens Park.

There is ample gated parking on site and two laundry rooms. All apartments include a stove and wall air conditioner as well as carpeting, tile and vertical blinds.


Singles, 2 & 3 Bedrooms. Starting at $795 per month.

A - Cudahy Duplex Apartments near Atlantic Ave. in Cudahy

3 bedroom duplex apartments for rent in cudahy, ca


Cudahy Apartments are located in the city of Cudahy, California, close to schools, shopping and parks with easy access to the 710 Freeway. 

Quietly inset off Santa Ana Street, the 12 Duplex style homes each feature a private yard and an attached one or two car garage, tile and carpet flooring and vertical blinds.


3 Bedroom Units. Starting at $1,525 per month.

A - Carlin Terrace Apartments in Lynwood near the 105 Fwy

1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Lynwood, CA


Carlin Terrace is located in the city of Lynwood on the corner of Carlin Avenue and Oak Street and offers easy access to 105 Freeway and the Metro Green Line. 

Situated in a quiet residential area, this quaint community is within walking distance to Helen Keller Elementary School, one of the newest elementary schools in Lynwood. Almost daily you will find students working on homework in the property's tranquil, enclosed courtyard.


1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms. Starting at $925 per month.